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I went out to run some errands today and one of the checkers, a young 20 something, wrapped and checked out my order of weed. I had to show my ID when I entered the store and he asked for it again at the checkstand. I am almost 70. I told him it was totally ridiculous that they were required to do business this way. He nodded his head slightly and I proceeded to tell him that we were being conditioned and making even those who obviously are above the age limit show their ID was part of the conditioning.

His eyes were glazed over after the first six words and he wore the expression of someone who has discovered they are dealing with a crazy person and don’t know what to do about it. I met two more folks like this. The second was in her 40s and the third was in his 30s. I got a similar look from each one- the “he’s crazy” look.

I must have had the same expression many years ago when I was just 20 and an old, grizzled looking man I had never met before nor seen since dragged me into a conversation about how we had to go back to the gold standard and the rich are going to keep us poor, and the Fed had to go because it serves only the banks. I now know that he was correct in his assessments. It took me another 5 years of reading about history and the current political system and just living to start to understand what the old man was talking about.

The problem is that we can’t wait for several years for those who don’t get it yet to finally come aboard. People are so disoriented and conditioned that they hardly notice the changes in the oligarchs’ messages. For instance, some on my thread have noticed, as have I, that the daily fearmongering has changed from how many died to how many more infected. I’ll bet that only about 3% of people have searched the recent charts for death from COVID 19 because if they had, they would have noticed that the death rate has plummeted, not that the statistics are anywhere near correct because of all the massaging going on. If they had looked closer, they would have also seen that the orders for closure came at about the time the death rate had fallen way down. If you put this information together with the other lies we have recently been told and the immense amounts of money that went to benefit already rich people and corporations, you have a conspiracy- not a theory. Most of the rest of the world seem to be on the way to recovery. Why don’t we take a lesson from them and copy those policies that got them out of this?

Another example of how misled we are is the white washing of 43, George Bush. What a cuddly guy he has become after his disaster of an administration. Do not remember the stupidity, the lies, the wars with death and maiming. Never mind the passage of the Patriot Act which no one read before it was passed to take away our civil rights. No, he’s an OK guy now, harmless and nice as he paints his amateurish paintings.

The conditioning of our people has been going on for some time. It accelerated greatly after the deregulation of our media began. It has gotten to the point where one hardly knows what to believe any more. Humans were not built to be under constant stress and misinformation as we are put these days. Our response is to either grab one idea and go rabid on it or ignore the larger picture in favor of only what is in front of us. If this isn’t enough, we are constantly being fed messages crafted to divide us. These messages have been highly effective. We are now divided into several groups fighting against each other on social media and in real life as well while there are few people working to unite. More energy is being put into clever or disparaging memes than on the massive problems we face. This activity only serves to continue the spiral of hate and incivility that infests our conversations now. Somehow, we have to get past this. The fights over to mask or not, Black Power vs. White power, and all the other wars going on need to be put aside and we must find some common ground. That common ground is the biggest fight of them all: the rich against the rest of us.

What we are up against is the largest surveillance state apparatus ever built. They are heading toward chipping us and getting rid of cash so they can know every purchase or sale you make and can shut your access off at will. They own the media, the industries, the banks, and just about everything that money can buy. The wars, political scandals, market meltdowns, pedophilia, slave trade, degradation of our environment, and our societal norms are all parts of the same problem. Being rich is now a way to get to do anything you want, even break the law with impunity.

The People are divided, distraught, dumbed down and psychologically a mess for the most part. But we have to keep trying. We are now called on to be creative, resourceful, and hopeful as well. To give in is not an option.

I am not fighting for my life though it will be affected by all of this. I am fighting for my grandchildren, for their future. My hope comes from those who have already stepped forward and the fact that we need only a fraction of our society to resist successfully. Those on the front lines of resistance right now are my heroes. I urge my friends and followers to find a way to come together. I suspect this starts with being civil toward others no matter the way they treat you. Streets need to be blocked, trains waylaid, pipelines shut off, products and businesses need to be boycotted, and other actions to annoy and financially hurt the oligarchs who oppress us. But we need to do it strategically, not in a haphazard way. The main element we need, besides togetherness, is demands that most of us can agree on. If we do the actions with no demands, no plan, we are doomed to fail. With extinction on the horizon, failure is not an option.





I am a writer living in Oregon. My writings can be found on this site and on my website, www.irawhite.net. I am now retired from the USDA.

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Ira Lee White

Ira Lee White

I am a writer living in Oregon. My writings can be found on this site and on my website, www.irawhite.net. I am now retired from the USDA.

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